For four hundred years, the Order of Truth has proclaimed the Truth. And part of that is that there is no phenomena in the Ninth World that is truly inexplicable – only unknown. Nine years ago, mysterious cultists came out of the north who called themselves Gaians. The Gaians do not share the Order of Truth’s beliefs. Instead, they seem to believe the world is run not by numenera and science, but by less explicable means. When the Amber Papacy discovered Gaian explorers in the north, they feared they would spread their strange teachings, and so began a crusade against them.

The crusade against the Gaians has been ongoing, but not particularly active. The Cloudcrystal Skyfields north of the Navarene are largely inhospitable, so very few people, Gaians included, actually live there.

However, there’s been a recent development – raids by a Gaian chief named Sharktooth. Rumors abound about Sharktooth – he’s 10 feet tall, he’s got teeth like a ungaran, and tusks like a ravage bear. One fact is certain though – he’s assembled a lot of Gaians.

The Party has also discovered that Gaians are not human, and are also not abhuman.


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