The City of Bridges is the capital of Ghan, although strictly speaking, it’s not actually in Ghan. Extending out from the coast, a number of ancient bridges stretch more than a mile to a series of massive metal platforms joined by an intricate web of more bridges. Composed of materials of the prior worlds, these wide bridges and platforms hold homes, shops, warehouses, and other buildings.

Today the City of Bridges has a population of 20,000 people. Each of the thirty-two platforms has multiple levels, and all of them are in use. What’s more, each platform holds structures that can be used as docks for ships and boats. The settlement could have been called the City of Piers, for the entire network of platforms and bridges is almost one big pier (which is entirely appropriate for the capital of the Sea Kingdom). At any given time, a hundred or more vessels are moored at or near the city. Despite common belief, the city doesn’t float. The platforms are affixed to the sea floor, and many people speculate that the large, inactive machines on each platform are drills that extend deep into the submerged earth.

The Coral Palace is not actually made of coral, although large portions of the building are covered with so much coral that a visitor might believe it to be true. The palace takes up most of one platform where the king’s personal ships dock. From here, King Laird rules over Chan and his merchant fleet.

Rumors say that he is preparing a secret expedition of large craft to sail from the city into the western open sea. With some of the best sea maps in the world at his disposal, Laird knows that no major landmass lies in that direction, but he has placed his faith in talk of a sizable island chain that exists leagues to the west, farther than any recorded voyage has traveled. Supposedly, these islands are inhabited and have exotic goods, interesting lore, numenera, and other commodities that would be valuable to the
Steadfast—assuming that a shipping route can be established.


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